Hi, I'm Dave.

I am the head chef and bottle washer here at Fire Horse Photography. I spent over 20yrs in photo editing, graphic design and marketing. After a successful career I decided that instead of editing the images, I wanted to start creating imagery and making memories for myself.

After taking over 15 000 photos each year it was time to start offering my passion to others. In fact, it started by accident with people asking me to do their pics for them. I am totally obsessed and passionate about what I do. I rarely leave the house without a camera. Fortunately my wife humours me.

I also strive to make it affordable for my clients to access professional level imagery. A lot of photographers just charge too much. We strive to offer professional level work at prices that most can afford.

Where does "Fire Horse" come from? I spent over 20yrs in martial arts and related studies. It's my Chinese astrological sign. Just in care you were wondering

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